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Top SEO Tips for ASP.NET Website

Websites are developed using different programming languages and frameworks.  The dot net framework is one of the many options you can consider. If you use it, the website will be developed using ASP.net. If you have a credible web development team that has relevant language knowledge, it would be simple to complete the task easily. However, designing a website is not what you need to generate revenue and attract traffic. This is where the SEO (search engine optimization) factor has to be incorporated.

Executing the right SEO techniques

To get an ASP.net website up and running in business terms, a proper plan needs to be followed. Here are the tactics that would help you in acquiring a first page SEO rank and improving the rate of traffic.

Complete focus on site performance

To understand how important the performance of a website is, put yourself in place of the end user. Suppose that you visit a web page that is highly informative and offers top notch content according to your interest. The problem is that pages are taking too long to load. Would you wait or close the page? Most people would select the second option because they are never out of options. For instance, if you want content related to “best 14 inch laptops”, there would b several links offering it.

  • To improve site performance, keep a check on the time on the loading time particularly the duration that the home page requires. At times, too many images and videos are uploaded which slows down the pace. Website owners need to keep a check on this. If the loading time is increasing due to it, some of them should be removed. In a nutshell, user experience matters a lot more than the number of pictures the website has

Plagiarism free content is mandatory for website survival

At times, you work very hard on compiling the information but the website rank goes down instead of improving. Plagiarism would ruin the reputation of the website forever. People do not pay any attention to pages that fail to offer unique readable content. Hence, collecting information and offering diverse angles is not the only important factor. You need to offer quality original content and using a good plagiarism checker is an effortless way to do it.

  • There are few credible options which you can take into account and produce original content with ease. One of them is the Prepostseo Plagiarism detector online. This is an easy to use online tool that has a short process. It scans the content, detects copied sections and then highlights them. In this way, users know which area they have to work on and do not have to search through each line. You can start using it without setting anything up. Plag tracker is another alternative that would suit you. This tool is quite easy to use and does not have any charges. It is used mainly by web content writers and students working on their assignments. The third option you can consider is Quetext. It is a dependable option that checks uploaded content on instant basis.

1.     Research on the back links you are considering

A good back link is an essential component if your website is new and a market penetration is needed. People do not trust new pages which is why they fail to get optimum SEO results. Having quality back links means that people landing on already established websites will click your link.  The point to understand here is that one has to be selective about picking back links. Getting connected to any random website does not mean that the SEO results will improve.

  • Take your time when you are considering back link options. There are a few methods through which you can check how good or bad a website is. It becomes hard to revert once you have opted for a back link option. Checking the domain authority is one way to determine whether you are considering the right website or not. Getting a good DA score is not that simple and if a website successfully has a high one, it would be suitable for back linking purposes. Similarly, if the DA score is on the lower side, you need to look out for better options.


2.     The correct keywords with the right density

Insertion of keywords has to be both natural and logical. Before you include them, calculate the correct density so that there is no stuffing. At times, web content writers include phrases even when they do not make a fit. This has a negative effect on the number of people who go through the content with interest. As the readability level goes down, the content does not make an impact even if it is well researched.

  • The SEO rank of a website depends on how naturally the keywords have been inserted. You need to start by conducting research and highlight phrases that are being used by a major traffic ratio. They should be used in such a way that the content flow is not spoilt and readability does not get adversely affected.


The actual productivity of a website depends on the SEO results it produces. For new websites in particular, having a consistent count of users is not the easiest of tasks. People prefer reputed websites which carry a strong name.  Creating an ASP.net web page does not mean that it would be ranked immediately on the first page and people would start depending on it. It takes considerable time for any website to construct a good positive impression. In other words, the SEO strategy implemented matters a lot.

One of the important tactics is focusing on originality of content. A website instantly becomes a success if the content it offers is completely unique. Usually, readers rate a website on the basis of the readability it offers. If a user witnesses that its content has nothing new to put on the table, he would obviously lose interest. Apart from well-researched information, there are other SEO tips that website owners have to focus on.

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