Stack Overflow Developers Survey 2022 vs 2021
Shehryar Khan
Shehryar Khan
March 13, 2022
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StackOverflow released the results of their annual developers’ survey last month. In this survey about 70,000 developers shared which technologies, frameworks & tools they’re using, and what they want. I just got some time to read this survey. I’ve read through the results of the StackOverflow survey and compiled the most interesting results related to Technologies right here in this article.

Let’s start with a Quick Comparison of the 2022 & 2021 Surveys.

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Most Popular Programming Language JavaScriptJavaScript
Most Popular Web FrameworkReact.jsNode.js
Most Popular Other Framework & Library.Net.Net
Most Popular Database MySQLMySQL
Most Popular Cloud PlatformAWSAWS
Most Popular ToolGITNPM
Most Loved Programming LanguageRustRust
Most Loved Web FrameworkSveltePhoenix
Most Loved Other Framework & Library.Net Core/.Net 5Hugging Face Transformers
Most Wanted Programming LanguagePythonRust
Most Wanted Web FrameworkReact.jsReact.js
Most Wanted Other Framework & LibraryTensorFlowTensorFlow
Most Dreaded Programming LanguageCOBOLMatlab
Highest Paying Programming LanguageClojureClojure
Highest Paying PlatformAWSColocation
Highest Paying Web FrameworkRuby on RailsPhoenix
Highest Paying Other Framework & LibraryApache SparkApache Spark
Salaries by Developer TypeEngineering managerSenior Executive

JavaScript is still fastest growing programming language in 2022. Javascript-based Frameworks also not going anywhere in future if we talk about web technologies. But Flutter is giving some tough time to React-Native in mobile development technologies.

Let’s compare the technologies by categories.

Programming, scripting, and markup languages

stackoverflow survey 1

No doubt about the popularity of JavaScript because of its versatility from Client-side to Server & from Mobile App to Web App Development. There’s a noticeable change in TypeScript & Bash/Shell Popularity. SQL crossed Python whereas C# is at the same position from many years.

Web frameworks and technologies

stackoverflow survey 2

Node.js is the most popular Web Framework & React.js is 2nd now. JQuery is back in the List. Flask went down but Next.js is gaining popularity. No major change in the position of ASP.Net & Laravel position.

Other frameworks and libraries

stackoverflow survey 3

.Net is one of the most popular & powerful cross-platform Frameworks & still lead the list in 2022. Flutter is another great Framework for Hybrid Mobile Applications Development & giving some tough time to React-Native, which is a Javascript-based framework for developing Hybrid Apps.


stackoverflow survey 4

MySQL is still the winner. But If we look closely the difference between MySQL & PostgreSQL is just 3% now from 10% in 2021. So PostgreSQL popularity is increasing.

Highest Paying Technologies

stackoverflow survey 5

Clojure is the highest paying Technology but Erlang gained some popularity & got 2nd position. On the other hand, Perl dropped a few positions.

Most loved, dreaded

Programming, scripting, and markup languages

stackoverflow survey 6

Rust is the most Loved Programming language. Elixir got 2nd position this year. No other major change in the list as compared to previous year.

Web frameworks and technologies

stackoverflow survey 7

Poenix is the Most Loved Web Framework of 2022. Next.js is increasing in popularity as the most Loved Framework whereas ASP.NET Core dropped 2 positions.

Other frameworks and libraries

stackoverflow survey 8

Hugging Face Transformers is leading the list of Most Loved Frameworks in 2022.

Most Wanted

Programming, scripting, and markup languages

stackoverflow survey 9

Rust is the most wanted language in 2022 with the jump of 4 steps. Kotlin also gained some popularity in the list.

Web frameworks and technologies

stackoverflow survey 10

React.js is the winner again & Node.js is 2nd most wanted web framework. Next.js was not even in the top 10 list in 2021 but is now at number 4. That is good news for Next.js developers.

Other frameworks and libraries

stackoverflow survey 11

No change in TensorFlow position but I have already discussed above the emerging Flutter that has crossed React-Native.


JavaScript technologies lead most of the ranking. React.js & Node.js are the most popular & loved technologies. Next.js & Flutter are getting popular & gaining some good positions. There’s no good news for .Net Developers. It’s a huge bundle of results categorised as Developers Profile, Technology, Work, Community, methodology & the subcategories of all these. You can check the complete survey results at Stack Overflow.

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