How I Made My First Million | From Selling Blog to a Software Company

Hi Everyone, If you have ever read my article before, that would definitely be related to .Net or might be solution of a programming problem. But today I’m going to write about my journey. Here’s what I’m going to discuss in this post.

  • Who I am & How I started my First Blog
  • How much I earned through Blogging & Why I sold my Blog to a US Company
  • How I setup my Software Company

Who I am & How I started my first blog

Let’s start from a quick background.

I started my Software Engineering back in 2015 & focused learning some programming skills from the start of my degree. Finding programming problems & solving on paper was really fun & helped me a lot to setup a strong programming base. I won my first programming competition when I was in 3rd Semester.

After completing half of my degree, I joined a company as a junior ASP.Net Core developer. After working couple of years on ASP.Net Core I realized that there are many programming help available online but still sometimes I found no solution of some programming problems. So I started sharing my code solutions on GitHub & ready a Blog Website using WordPress.

My primary goal from blog was not earning so I didn’t apply for any ads network. After publishing about 40 articles I was receiving around 2k-3k daily organic users. So I decided to apply for Google Adsense & got my account approved in couple of days.

How much I earned through Blogging & Why I sold my Blog

My blog daily earning was $8-$15 initially. I was getting 2k-3k daily organic traffic. I was making $300 to $600 monthly because some new articles was going in Google Discover for couple of days after publishing & getting good users. After 1.5 years I had around 100 articles receiving around 10k daily organic users & I was making $40 – $100 daily & around $1000 monthly. All of my articles was related to programming problems & solutions. I was also earning around $100-$200 from Guest posts & link insertions etc. I had thought about setting up my own team many times but I don’t had much resources for that.

One day I received an email from a US based company that they want to buy my blog. They offered me to pay my monthly earning of that time for 2 years.

At that time my average monthly earning was $1000, So they offered me $24000. After email communication of one month we both agreed on $28000. They paid me using Escrow service & I handed over everything, e.g. Blog Domain, Files & DB backup, my blog Social media pages etc.

How I setup my Software Company

After selling my blog I setup couple of more blogs & quit my Job. I Setup a office, hired couple of developers & a sales guy to run my Upwork account to get some Good work for me. Right now, It’s been 3 year & I have a team of around 25 including Mobile, Backend developers & Sales persons. Whenever any of my Developer solve a programming problem, I ask him to share his code on GitHub & write a little article for explaining that code. I do publish that article in any of my blog.

Thank you so much for reading this. Please feel free to contact me for any type of query. I really love to help the community.


I'm passionate about learning new technologies as well as mentoring and helping others get started with their programming career. This blog is my way of giving back to the Community.

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