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Collection of Best Dotnet Core Books to Enhance your Skills

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Tutorials and programming articles provide excellent resources for learning languages & frameworks but as a professional developer, reading official documentation or a Book always consider as a Good practice because Programming Books are normally written, and go through an attentive inspection process, by professionals of the software industry, so they should be considered a more authentic source.

Learning pace & process of Every person is different. In this article, I’m not convincing you that you should always use a Book & stop learning from tutorials, as Tutorials provide a complete solution of a programming problem whereas books can only give you basic concept & you have to implement your required solution. Still, I think implementing what you have learned from a tutorial or by reading a book will make you more comfortable and productive in the long run.

We have compiled a collection of some great .Net Core books. You must have a look at this list.

Best Asp.NET Core Books

Here’s some Great Books on Asp.Net.

Professional ASP.NET Core 2.0

Key Features

  • Written by a Microsoft insider and Technical Evangelist.
  • This book provides professional-level explanations.
  • Walk through deployment with step-by-step instructions.
  • Explore front-end, API, and cross-platform development.
  • Integrate .Net Core identity and security features.

ASP.NET Core 2 Fundamentals

Key Features

  • This book Adopts the application-centric approach to explain the important .Net Core concepts.
  • Covers industry-best practices to develop flexible & robust .Net Core applications.
  • You will learn to build a custom route for ASP.NET MVC applications for Search Engine Optimization.
  • Application Optimization with performance analysis.

Pro ASP.NET Core MVC 2

Key Features

  • Get core architectural concepts of ASP.NET Core MVC.
  • Explore the whole ASP.NET CORE MVC Framework.
  • Learn Asp.Net Core MVC 2 New Features.
  • Learn to create RESTful web services and SPA.
  • Use Existing .Net knowledge & hands-on with the new Core Architecture.

Some Books to start Learning C# from Scratch

If you are a newbie in .Net world, First you need to get clear concept of C#

Learn C# in One Day and Learn It Well

Key Features

  • Complicated concepts are broken down into simple steps.
  • Examples are chosen to cover all concepts.
  • Topics are selected to give you exposure to C#.
  • You can Learn C# quickly.

 C# in Depth

Key Features

  • Comprehensive coverage of C# 6 and 7.
  • String interpolation.
  • Extended pass-by-reference functionality.
  • Decomposition and pattern matching.
  • Composition with tuples.

List of .Net Core Books to Master a specific part



  • Understand the operations of .NET Core microservices.
  • Integrate the services via synch & async approach.
  • microservices security using OpenID Connect, Azure Active Directory, and OAuth 2.0.
  • Understanding the key features of reactive microservices & their implementation using the reactive extension.
  • Define the service interface & implement APIs using ASP.NET Web API.

TCP/IP Sockets in C#


  • A useful book for a programmer who’s interested in writing a network application.
  • it’s a good book to start, for the beginners of network programming.
  • Tutorial-based instructions in key sockets programming techniques with various code examples.

The Art of Unit Testing


  • Create readable, maintainable, trustworthy tests.
  • Fakes, mock objects, stubs, and isolation frameworks.
  • Simple dependency injection methods.
  • Refactoring legacy code.

More Effective C#


  • 50 intermediate-to-advanced techniques for writing exceptionally robust and well-performing C# Code.
  • This book will enhance your professional code writing skills.

Agile Principles, Patterns, and Practices in C#


  • All examples are available for download from the authors’ Web site.
  • Agile principles, and the 14 practices of Extreme Programming.
  • Pair programming.
  • Test-driven development, test-first design, and acceptance testing.
  • Refactoring with unit testing.
  • Agile design and design smells.

Modern API Design with ASP.NET Core 2


  • Use API tools such as Swagger from the OpenAPI specification.
  • Implement security by applying authorization & authentication using Asp.Net Core Identity.
  • Standardize query & response formats using the GraphQL query language by Facebook.
  • To guarantee the quality of code, you’ll learn unit & integration testing.

LINQ unleashed


  • Utilize anonymous types to reduce coding effort, design & debugging time.
  • Automatically generate .NET state machines with new yield return construct.
  • Master LINQ query syntax, extension methods, operators, grouping, sorting and more.
  • Query relational data stored in Microsoft SQL Server.

Modern Data Access with Entity Framework Core


  • Understand the core concepts of Entity Framework Core.
  • Study real-world case studies for hands-on Entity Framework Core instruction.
  • Get up to speed with useable DB access structure & code samples.
  • Use Entity Framework Core to write mobile apps.

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