DotTutorials was developed to give .Net Developers a place to find step by step solutions for their coding problems. We plan to provide the solutions of some of the common & unique programming problems with complete source code for educational & commercial purposes, and in addition, helping developers stay up to date with the latest DotNet Libraries.

This site is targeted for all beginners to advanced level of .NET developers, consultants, and architects. You will find solutions from the beginners level to advanced level, however, there is no categorization provided in the solutions difficulties level. Finally, it is up to you,  how you are applying it into your day to day development based on your level of expertise. 

My main focus in this Website will be on .Net Core Solutions.

Why DOTNET Core?

The main reason why I chose .Net Core is the Versatility. If you are a Web Developer or developing Desktop or Mobile app, are you planning to develop a 3D Game or want to work on Machine Learning, .Net Core is available for you.

Thanks to Xamarin to use our Microsoft technologies to Develop Cross-Platform Mobile Apps. Unity is one of the most powerful tools to develop Games. You can build desktop applications with UWP. Asp.net Core is also a complete framework for Developing powerful Web-based applications.

Let’s not forget the high-performance service-oriented architecture. ML.NET is a machine learning framework for .NET developers. when we talk about Cognitive Services in Azure, we’re really talking about commoditized AI(Artificial Intelligence).

Every time when I start talking about .Net Core Features, It becomes difficult for me to stop writing. There are many more reasons why I’m in Love with .Net Core. Like Performance, Open-source, Awesome Developers Tools & many more.

Feel free to get touch with me if you have any feedback or suggestion to make this site better.